Events and Stages

Realizing an event

Drafting plans, staffing and casting, preparation of equipment, organizing the setting - so much work is needed to open an event that a highly professional team is required. With over 50 years experience, Kyoritz Inc. provides total support in each and every aspect of event planning.

Marketing and Promoting an event

Vital preparation includes choosing the site or venue and marketing and promoting the event within agreed budgetary limits. Pamphlets and commemorative goods are also essential factors in an event's success and Kyoritz Inc. can help you with these based on our wide-ranging knowledge and experience in this field.

Strong Networks

We have strong relationships with the top companies in every field of entertainment in Japan and we can select the best team for any event.

Previous achievements

Aichi Expo
All TOYOTA Motor Show
Amway Convention
Gibralta insurance
Mazda motor show
Nagano Olympic Winter Games
Nissan Motor Show
Nu skin
Pfizer Meeting
The Microsoft Expo
Tokyo Motor Show