Halls, Theaters, Cultural Facilities etc.

Management of Halls, Theaters, Cultural Facilities etc.

Building Facilities

Kyoritz Inc. has proudly participated in the construction of over 160 halls, theaters and various other cultural facilities during the past 50 years. Drawing on this long-established experience, we can advise you on the planning, design and final construction ( including lists of specialised fixtures and equipment ) for virtually any type of entertainment or culture-based building.

Maintaining Facilities

Lighting, sound, set and video - all of these systems require continuous maintenance by highly skilled specialists. However these specialists must be well acquainted, not only with the equipment used, but also with the entire facility and it's structure. Kyoritz Inc. carefully chooses and briefs such specialists so that each will have a thorough knowledge of the client's facility and they can also advise on expansion, improvement and repair when necessary.

Running Facilities

Kyoritz Inc. has also assisted in many events and projects during it's long history and so we can conduct marketing research and promotion work on a client's behalf as well as planning and running the actual event. With our technical skill, management ability and wide network of contacts we can help with virtually any kind of project - including those that specifically focus on local culture or require the collaboration of local government.

Examples of Facilities worked on by Kyoritz

Hibiya Kokaido
Kamakura Geijutsukan